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# Best practices when contacting us

Last updated: 18/11/18 at 22:50

When you contact us with a new request, here are a few suggestions that will help us answer your question quicker.

Choose a meaningful subject line

When creating a ticket, make sure the message subject describes the problem. This will ensure we can classify your request accordingly.

Be specific

Rather than telling us 'My email is broken', please be specific about the error you've encountered. The more detail you can include with your question, the quicker we'll be able to investigate.

Raise just one question per support request

We ask that you please keep your questions to one per ticket as it is much easier if we can focus on one question at a time. It also allows us to clearly mark issues as resolved which helps us both.

Include a screenshot of what you were doing at the time the error occured

If you can include a screen shot of the issue, we can try and reproduce it.

Include details of any error messages

Error messages are often key in helping us to pin-point or diagnose an issue. If you've received a bounce message from an email you've sent (or someone has sent to you), please include this with your question. Similarly, if you've been shown an error message, please include this, along with details of what you were trying to do when it appeared.