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# Emergency Callouts

Last updated: 18/11/18 at 22:55

An emergency callout can be made if there is something that needs immediate attention outside of normal business hours. This should only be used when downtime is affecting your business.

Please bear in mind that if you make an emergency callout, the person responding may be watching TV, out for a meal, or generally trying to switch off away from work, so charges will apply, unless we've agreed terms for out of hours support.

Please state when raising your help request whether you're making an emergency callout. We'll endeavour to respond within 1 hour, but cannot guarantee this as although we'll be alerted, we might not be in front of a computer and able to help immediately.

Note, if a server has gone offline or there is a hosting related issue, we will know about it within minutes and deal with this accordingly. There should be no need to raise a support request, but if you do, we'll reply to let you know when we expect things to be sorted out.