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# Our Support Policy

Last updated: 05/09/18 at 13:10

This support policy describes what you can expect from us in terms of help and support for your website.

If you have any questions about this policy or do not agree with it, please contact us. We may amend this policy from time to time, so you should check this page to ensure that you are aware of any changes that have been made.

Faults and Errors

We don't usually provide a specific warranty period for our websites because we feel that we are accountable for fixing certain errors, regardless of the timeframe. However, it's important that our clients understand that some errors will be beyond our control, and therefore we can't fix every issue for free.

Websites are dependent on a wide range of third party tools and services all working harmoniously together. This includes servers, browsers, content management systems and of course individual users' computers. Browsers and software are regularly updated, and older versions may no longer be supported, sometimes without warning. This can result in a website feature to simply "break" or to not perform as expected. We are very happy to help fix any issue, but we will charge for the ones we don't cause or have no control over.


The very nature of the Internet means that malicious software, viruses and website hacking attempts are an ever present risk. As some of the worlds biggest companies have been reported as victims of such attacks, online security is of growing importance to ensure your, and your customer's data is suitably protected.

As we're building your website, we'll take all reasonable measures to ensure that your site is secure. This includes following best practices for installing software and changing any system defaults. However, we can't be held responsible for any security breaches on your site, or for any subsequent problems that may arise as a result of illegal activity on your site.

Future Maintenance

We will not be responsible for any pro-active maintenance of your website in the future unless we have agreed a suitable ongoing support arrangement. Essentially this means that once your site has launched, we won't monitor its performance, investigate any errors, or apply any upgrades unless we're asked to. In such cases, we'll be pleased to provide an estimate for any work involved.

Please contact us to discuss a suitable support arrangement that will protect your investment and ensure it keeps pace with surrounding technologies.


We are accountable for the performance of the websites developed by us and hosted through our hosting partners.

Where clients have chosen to make their own arrangements for hosting, our support will be limited to the website code developed by ourselves. Website performance can be affected by changes to a server environment which may require additional maintenance or development work to be undertaken on your site. Should this type of work be necessary, it will not be considered as an error on our part and will therefore be chargeable.

Sole Provider

We assume that we will be the sole provider of maintenance services for your website. If a third party makes changes to the website which results in errors and requires help from us to resolve, this will not be considered as an error on our part and will be chargeable.

We recognise that you may choose to work with third parties for services such as Pay per Click advertising or search engine optimisation. We're very happy to work in partnership with these organisations to ensure your site is as successful as it can be, but we would ask for an introduction prior to any work commencing.

Support hours

Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, UK time. We strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours, however actual response times may vary.

Queries of a more technical nature may take longer for us to answer.

What our support service doesn't cover

Our support service does not cover products or services supplied by third parties. Typical examples of these services would include:

  • Google Analytics data
  • Fonts provided by font delivery services such as Typekit
  • External services such as content aggregators, social networks, payment service providers or online booking platforms that may be integrated with your website

For clarification on any exclusions, please contact us.