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# Can I create an additional email address on my Exchange account?

Last updated: 18/11/18 at 22:09

All Hosted Exchange accounts come with the option of having up to 10 alias email addresses.

An alias email address is another email address that can be used alongside another mailbox on your account.

For example, if you have an email address of john@domain.com, you can create an alias for info@domain.com. This means that all mail sent to info@domain.com would be received at john@domain.com.

Any mail sent to an alias address that you later reply to will be sent from your main email account, in this case, john@domain.com, not the alias address.

Note alias addresses are not mailboxes. They are simply additional email addresses that can be assigned to a mailbox store.

You can set up or edit your email aliases by visiting the mail control panel at manage.cloudplatform1.com and logging in with your email address and password.