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# Hosted Exchange Mailboxes - Overview

Last updated: 15/08/18 at 20:57

# How much storage space does my Hosted Exchange account have?

All our Hosted Exchange accounts come with 50GB of storage.

You can view your current usage in Outlook Web App (OWA).

1. Sign in to Outlook Web Access at owa.your-domain.com

2. Choose options from the settings menu in the top right hand corner.

# Webmail Access (Outlook Web App)

Webmail is your online copy of your mailbox which you can access via a web browser. Useful if you're travelling, or you don't have your mail setup on a mobile device. The webmail provided with Exchange is known as Outlook Web App.

We will normally set up your domain to link to the Outlook Web App using a sub-domain. For example, http://owa.your-domain-name.com.