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# How do I open a shared mailbox in Outlook (PC)?

Last updated: 18/11/18 at 22:03

You can open a colleagues mailbox to view their folders and messages. This is useful for accessing colleagues email accounts, or in scenarios where you use an info@ or sales@ email address which needs to be accessed by several people.

Before you can open a shared mailbox, you'll need to ensure the sharer has given you the correct permissions to allow you to view their emails.

There are 2 options for viewing a colleagues mailbox.

To view their inbox only, and just on an occasional basis

For intermittent access to another mailbox, in Outlook you can go to the File menu and choose Open. Choose the option for 'Other user's folder' and enter the email address you wish to access. Leave the folder type set as inbox. The inbox will be displayed, but clicking into another section of Outlook will remove the inbox from view, and you'd need to repeat this process to view it again.

To view a shared inbox and sub-folders, or access the mailbox on a frequent basis

This is the option you need if you access a shared mailbox on a daily basis, or need to view any sub-folders that may have been created below the inbox. Following the instructions below will force Outlook to open the shared mailbox on start up and display all the folders in the shared account. Note, you still need the correct permissions on the mailbox for this level of access.

Note, the examples below are taken from Outlook 2010, but the process is similar for other versions of Outlook (PC).

1. Open the account settings in Outlook.

2. Select your Exchange account, and click Change...

3. Click the button for More Settings...

4. Select the Advanced tab, and click Add...

5. Enter the name of the user's mailbox, or their email address, and click OK.

The user's mailbox you wish to open should now display in the window underneath Open these additional mailboxes.

Click Apply to complete the action.

Your shared mailbox should now be accessible in the sidebar of the Mail view in Outlook.