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# Password Management

Last updated: 15/08/18 at 20:54

You can update your account settings by visiting the account control panel at https://manage.cloudplatform1.com.

Note, this is different to your log in to Outlook Web Access which is typically http://owa.your-domain.com.

Settings you can access in this control panel are:

If your account has the optional Advanced Security, then you can also manage your spam filter within this section.

Note: Passwords must include at least 1 numeric and 1 uppercase character.

# Password Recovery

If you've forgotten your Exchange password, you will need to raise a support ticket asking us to create a new password for you. As the passwords are encrypted, it is not possible to reset them, or have a replacement sent by email.

Please click on the Submit Request link above.

# The maximum number of login attempts has been exceeded

When accessing your Control Panel, after 5 failed login attempts per IP address, you will be locked out of your account. If you reach your maximum login attempts, these will be automatically refreshed and cleared overnight.

If you require immediate access to your account, these login attempts can be reset by raising a support ticket with us.