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# What is an email alias?

Last updated: 15/08/18 at 20:39

An email alias is a secondary email address that is bound to a primary email address. It is not a separate mailbox, as all messages sent to it will be delivered to the primary email address.

For example:

The email account john@swiftindustries.co.uk is a primary mailbox, with an alias info@swiftindustries.co.uk. All mail sent to info@swiftindustries.co.uk will be received in John's inbox. When John replies to one of these messages, it will show as being sent from john@swiftindustries.co.uk.

You can have up to 9 alias addresses per mailbox at no extra cost.

Email aliases can be setup through your administrative control panel by going to https://manage.cloudplatform1.com and signing in with your email address and password.